Cone Beam CT Scan (3D X-Rays)

cone beam ct scannerDr. Ward has always been interested in using new technologies when technology will benefit patient care. A cone beam CT produces a three-dimensional image that allows the doctor to view the teeth, the surrounding bone and the orientation of the roots in the bone. This is particularly valuable when planning complex orthodontic treatment, replacing missing teeth with implants or planning treatment for impacted teeth (teeth that won’t erupt into the mouth on their own). The three-dimensional image eliminates the guesswork required with the typical two-dimensional x-rays allowing for a better diagnosis and treatment plan. Cone beam CT has been around for a number of years. Recent advancements have produced a machine that has a low radiation dose with excellent image quality. The cone beam machine at Smiles Specialty Centre has won a Medical Design Excellence Award, producing the lowest x-ray dose of all cone beam CT machines available on the market today.

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