Supervised Retention – Completed

I am pleased to confirm that your supervised retention program has now concluded and you will no longer need to see us on a regular basis. Although I would recommend using the removable retainers every night indefinitely, I am aware that some patients do not continue with the use of retainers. If you feel that you must decrease the use of the retainers, it is best to do this in a gradual fashion. To begin with, miss every other night (i.e. miss the day, the night, the following day and then use the retainer on the second night). Your teeth will tell you if you need to wear the retainer more often because of the pressure you will feel on your teeth (pressure that does not disappear within a few minutes). If this is the case, then you must continue to use the retainers every night. If your teeth do not feel any pressure, then continue for the next three months missing every other night. After that, if you are not experiencing pressure from the retainers, then miss two nights in a row for another three month period. Then try three nights in row and continue the above regimen to reduce the use of your retainers, but do not progress to more than 7 nights. Conscientious, long-term retainer wear is very important in the stability of the correction that has been achieved.

Often patients require fixed retainers which are wires that are glued to the tongue side of the front teeth. These retainers should be left in place for a minimum of two years. I recommend leaving the wires indefinitely as long as the teeth around the wires are kept clean and the gum tissues are healthy. If your dentist informs you that the teeth are not being kept clean and the gums are not healthy resulting in a risk for tooth decay and gum disease, then the wires can be removed. If the wires are removed then the removable retainers should be used every night.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties with your retainers or if you require advice or support in any way. I would like to take this opportunity to stress the ongoing need for regular check-ups with your dentist in order to maximize your oral health and thank you again for your confidence in selecting our office for your orthodontic treatment.

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