Fixed Retainers

Without diligent daily care and periodic checkups with your dentist the retainers can increase the accumulation of plaque and calculus and greatly increase the risk of forming cavities and periodontal disease.

If you encounter a problem with your fixed retainer, such as, it comes off one tooth or the wire breaks, wear your removable retainer full time. This will help with any irritation the wire may cause and prevent any movement of the teeth. Call us at (204) 727-6453 and make an appointment so we can repair the fixed retainer.

Some form of retainer wear is necessary indefinitely even if only on a periodic basis. If your fixed retainer is removed at sometime, wearing of your removable retainers as directed by your orthodontist is to be continued.

No matter what type of retainer you have, regular checking of the fit of the retainers will minimize future changes to the teeth. If the wearing of the retainers is ever completely discontinued, some change in the alignment of the teeth will occur. Although undesirable, this is normal. Even untreated individuals that have never benefited from orthodontic treatment will have tooth movement over the course of their lives. The positions of the teeth are dependent upon their positions between the muscle forces of the tongue on one side and the lips on the other.

The only way to ensure against any change is to wear the retainers on a regular basis indefinitely.

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