Care of Braces

 Care of Braces

Preventing problems requires good cooperation from YOU!

  • Chewing pens or pencils causes bent wires and loose brackets.
  • Biting ice causes loose brackets.
  • Biting whole apples causes displaced brackets.
  • It is important that you protect your smile during contact sports

You must keep all of your appointments and attend on time. If you arrive late there will not be enough time to complete all your treatment. Missed appointments will make your treatment last longer.

Parents can help:

Establish good habits and routines as soon as the braces go on.

Check appointment cards following each appointment for a progress report and additional instructions.

Ensure appointments are kept so treatment can progress on schedule.

Call our office for any broken brackets and poking wires.

Maintain regular cleanings and examinations with your family dentist.
Foods to Avoid

Avoid hard and sticky foods! These foods will cause damage and loosen your brackets causing you discomfort, replacement charges and longer treatment time.

Here is a list of SOME foods to avoid:

  • Popcorn and nuts (chips are okay)
  • Ice cubes and hard candies
  • Cut meats off the bones (steak, chicken, ribs, etc)
  • Beef jerky
  • Pizza crusts
  • Raw veggies and fruit must be cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Cut corn off the cob
  • Fruit with seeds and pits—should be removed before eating
  • Soften cookies, cereals and crackers
  • Cut food as small as possible
  • Do not chew pens or pencils
  • Gum
  • Jujubes, licorice, gummy bears, fruit roll-ups, toffee and caramels.
  • Sticky chocolate bars (Aero, Kit-Kat and Caramilk are okay)
  • Rice Krispie and Puffed Wheat cake
  • Granola bars (Nutri-Grain are okay)
  • Drinking sodas while you have braces may cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Instructions for Separators

Please do not try to remove the separators. If they fall out by accident on the first or second day then call the office for an appointment or floss them back in as instructed. If the separator will not stay in, wait a day then try to floss it in again.

  • The separators will make your teeth sore; this is normal.
  • Brush your teeth carefully around the separators so they don’t fall out.
  • Try not to eat sticky foods that will pull the separators out.

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