Office Policies

Scheduling Appointments

We are sensitive to the fact that families have many obligations during the day. We want to see you on time, have enough time to do the necessary procedures, answer any questions and update you on your progress. Arriving on time will help us to accomplish all the treatment planned for that appointment. All future appointments should be made before leaving the office, as you will normally be seen every 8 to 10 weeks. Once your braces are removed and retainers are in place, the time between appointments is greatly extended.

Missed Appointments

We ask for at least 48 hours notice if you have to reschedule your appointment. Missed appointments and numerous appointment changes will result in an extension of your treatment time. Our goal is to keep your treatment on time by scheduling the appropriate appointments. Please make every effort to keep your appointment.


The philosophy of the office is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care. Our fees vary according to the complexity of your case, length of treatment as well as other factors. An estimated cost and treatment length will be discussed at the first consultation appointment. Full diagnostic records are required to establish a specific fee and an accurate treatment time.


Our fees include diagnostic records, active orthodontic care and one year of follow up after active orthodontic treatment has been completed. Fees vary depending on the type of treatment required and the length of time treatment will take.

Our fees do not include treatment by other dentists or dental specialists.

Payment Plans

We do not expect our patients to pay the entire fee upfront. We offer several payment options for comprehensive treatment:

Discount: We offer a bookkeeping discount if payment is made in full at the start of active treatment. This discount applies to comprehensive treatment over $3000.00. We also offer sibling discount for additional family members that begin treatment; siblings, parents, children.

Monthly Payments: This consists of an initial payment, followed by regular monthly payments. The length of your payments is flexible and can be discussed. There is no interest. You can elect to have pre-authorized payments or leave an imprint of a credit card to make these payments.

We are happy to confirm benefits and file insurance claims for our patients. We do not accept assignment of the benefits. You are responsible to pay us directly, either in full or with monthly payments and the insurance company will reimburse you.

Many insurance companies require pre-authorization.We will send an estimate to the insurance company as required so that they can assess your coverage and eligibility for benefits.


All payments for orthodontic services are made directly to our office by the person financially responsible for treatment. We do not accept payments directly from your insurance company. You are responsible to Brandon Orthodontics for all services rendered. Your insurance company is responsible to you. It is important to keep your account up to date.

Our front desk team can assist you with financial or insurance questions. Call them at 72-SMILE (727-6453)

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